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Everything we do is motivated by our will to make the world a friendlier place. We respect and value people, food, our planet, Mother Nature, Neapolitan tradition, and we hope to spread those values with every Neapolitan pizza we serve. If you enjoy pizza and making new friends, we would love to hear from you!

We offer you

Opportunities for Advancement

A Unique and Dynamic Concept

Advanced Education Programs

A Safe and Inclusive Work Environment

Full Time and Part Time Engagements

A team friend must be

On Time and Committed

Willing to Learn New Skills

Passionate about Food and Friendship

Positive with a Great Smile and Team Attitude

Good at Communicating Feelings

Team Friend Roles

*all MidiCi roles are multi-disciplinary and will require cross-education

Guest Team Friends (GTF)

At MidiCi we are all about bringing friends together. It is for this reason that we refer to all patrons as both Guests and Friends. This is their MidiCi and we are proud to share the experience with them.


The concierge is responsible for ringing Guest Friend’s orders, collecting payment, making change, communicating MidiCi processes to Guest Friends, up awards, and ensuring Guest Friend satisfaction at the end of the ordering process.

Dining and Service

The Dining Room and Service position is responsible for the Guests Friends well being, at all times, whether in support during Lunch Time or for Full Table Service at dinner. Additionally, this position is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and organization of Front of the House areas including: dining room, restrooms, condiment area, patio, sidewalks, and parking lot.

Barista and Bar

For Barista and Bar, the role includes the responsibility of caring for Guest Friends service, orders and experience while seated at the bar, in addition to managing the coffee, wine, spirits and beverage programs for the dining room. In addition, this role manages all Guest Friends pick up and take away orders.

Market and Support

MidiCi, is more than just a dining experience, it's an exhibition.
Il Mio Mercatto (My Marketplace) allows Guest Friends to shop for the same exciting food items that are used in the preparation of their meal. This Market and Specialty position is therefore responsible for greeting Guest Friends, sharing and explaining those items for sale, taking and processing orders, collecting payment and also ensuring the cleanliness, organization, stock
and merchandising appeal in the market place.

Host and Social

The Host is responsible to greet all Guest Friends as they enter the Restaurant. The Host will use MidiCi standard operating procedures to inform Guest Friends about the MidiCi Experience and guide them in their visit. The Host is also responsible to manage the waiting line, as well as assist in maintaining the cleanliness and organization of the Front of House as a secondary duty. Lastly, the Host is in charge of our Guest Friends Happiness during their experience, which can include pictures, story telling and other means of assistance.

Heart Team Friends (HTF)

The song and dance of the restaurant is the loudest from within the open kitchen and it is for this reason that we consider this the Heart of MidiCi. Quality, colour, freshness and authenticity are what we celebrate.

Stretch and Dough Management

Our Neapolitan dough is the canvass for much of what we create at MidiCi and so the Stretch and Dough Management position needs to understand the craft of preparing, in accordance with Neapolitan tradition, the dough recipe and it's proof cycle. Additionally, the activity of managing the preparation of many of the Italian cheeses that are used in the making of our Neapolitan pizza is part of this role.

Quality Assurance and Expediter

The Quality Assurance position (QA) is responsible to ensure the quality of all food products before they leave the Heart. The QA must know all product recipes, including finishes, and verify that all products meet standards. The Expediter is responsible for monitoring the progress of Guest Friend orders as they are produced by the Heart Team Friends and to ensure prompt and accurate delivery of products to Guest Friends when those products are ready.

Fornaio and Antipasti

Working with only live fuel and our hand built Neapolitan ovens is itself an art form. The Fornaio and Antipasti position demands passion for quality product and the necessity to respect the heat. All hot dishes at MidiCi are cooked and finished in our ovens and therefore under the careful eye of the Fornaio. Also, the Antipasti station, which includes our Salumi i Formaggi and certain other starter dishes are prepared and plated by this position.

Preparation and Inventory

Second only to the people, is our love and care for the products that we serve. The Preparation and Inventory position demands respect for each item that is used in our recipes, including how products are ordered, received, stocked and finally prepared for service. Safe Serve food handling is part of the education for this role and regular audits of Inventory items are part of the position also.


The Pizzaiolo position challenges Heart Team Friends to be artisans who are both knowledgeable about the products we serve and also how we prepare them for our Guest Friends. This position is responsible for the creation of our Neapolitan pizza's and also signature salads. In our Heart, everything is on display and nothing is hidden from view, this means that cleanliness, organization, stock levels and proper food service etiquette is on full display.

Dish and Heart Management

The Dishwasher is responsible for washing all service and kitchen ware to a completely clean and sanitized level. The Dishwasher is also responsible for maintaining the dish machine area and equipment in a clean and organized manner. The Heart Runner is responsible for assisting the Heart Line positions in restocking and maintaining proper fill levels on the line. The Heart Runner also works with the Prep Team Friends to ensure product levels are maintained in the Back of House in anticipation of the line’s needs. The Heart Runner is also responsible for maintaining line and prep area cleanliness and organization throughout the shift.

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Thank you for your interest in MidiCi The Neapolitan Pizza Company!