Our mission

Real human connections

We created MidiCi to bring friends together and make the world a friendlier place. It's a place where a minute becomes a moment and that moment becomes a memory.
Everything we do is designed to support our mission. From our food, to our natural tree, the heart surrounding our special wood-fired ovens and even our marketplace. Together, it’s an experience that creates real human connections.

We love people.
They move us,
shape us, excite us
and inspire us.

Our values

A friendlier place. The better Pizza.

Everything we do is motivated by our will to make the world a friendlier place, and to serve fine authentic Neapolitan pizza. We make a continued commitment to incorporating high quality non-GMO fresh and all natural ingredients. We respect and honor people, food, our planet, Mother Nature, Neapolitan tradition, and we hope to spread those values with every plate of food we serve.

Our Neapolitan Pizza


Neapolitan Pizza is the Original. The way Italians invented it 300 years ago. During her summer vacation in Naples with King Umberto, Queen Margherita was presented a pizza by a local pizzaiolo with tomato, fresh mozzarella, olive oil, and a touch of basil to represent the 3 colors of the new born Italian flag. She liked it so much that it was named in her honor. The classic Margherita was born.